What’s up gentlemen so today I would like to give testosterone the warm ow an alpha M knuckle bump for being freak in awesome if you agree to give this post one of these dudes testosterone is like sort of our thing now sure women have a little bit of it but as men it is absolutely coursing through our veins and causing all sorts of amazingness to go on with us including but not limited to muscle mass sex drive memory beards and feeling freaking amazing aldosterone is awesome unless of course, you don’t have enough of it because when your testosterone takes a nosedive.

Bad things happen sperm count drops loss of muscle mass man boobs sands hired and sluggish and just not feeling as incredible as you should gentlemen here’s the deal in an attempt to help you feel incredible like you should today I’m going over five everyday things they’re lowering your testosterone number one is not masturbation as in like it’s not causing your testosterone level to drop it’s not we need to talk about so I’ve seen a lot of comments I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how masturbation actually lowers your testosterone level if you want to raise your testosterone level stop to masturbate you don’t want to masturbate it’s cool right it’s totally personal preference this post isn’t debating the pros and cons of masturbating it’s about testosterone and from the research that I have seen the general conclusion by a lot of doctors is that masturbation does not affect your serum testosterone levels meaning your testosterone doesn’t drop the more you have sex with the more you masturbate masturbation and sex, not a problem when it comes to your testosterone level but it is a problem if you can’t physically masturbate or have sex due to a reptile dysfunction or edie and the reptile dysfunction is one of the signs and symptoms of you having low testosterone levels but the good news is that while you deal with your testosterone you can still maintain a happy healthy sex life.

Today the next five things we are gonna talk about are definitely doing a number on your testosterone level starting with number one by spinnel a aka PPA PPA is a chemical that leeches out in plastics into the water when the plastic is heated this is from a lot of research that I have done the number one culprit of declining testosterone levels in men the truth is there are some plastics that are a little bit healthier than other plastics but at the end of the day if you’re worried about it we’re concerned you can always and you should drink out of a metal water bottle also something that I used to do all the time was cook or microwave Tupperware right I’d make all my meals for the week I’d have it in here I’d bang pop it in the microwave heat it up for like two three four minutes and I started to actually do my research and realize that it was a super bad idea and so I have switched to preparing and storing my meals in glass containers you can find these are pretty much any supermarket second everyday thing that drops your testosterone level is beer more specifically the hops used the make beer has been shown to reduce testosterone levels the reason is because hops have estrogen like properties that are so strong that researchers are starting to use and test hops in the treatment of hot flashes so women that get all like whoa pretty similar to soy soy is a phytoestrogen which is another thing that guys shouldn’t necessarily take if they’re wanting to maximize their testosterone because soy does increase your estrogen level third thing it absolutely destroys your testosterone is your shitty diet there are certain specific foods that actually have been shown to boost your testosterone levels like eggs and oysters and almonds not to mention garlic and onions and some other things I’m actually gonna do a post talking about how to naturally boost your testosterone level if you’re eating a diet that is high in refined processed foods fatty fried nasty like just bet I get you you all know what a crappy diet.

What bad food is right I don’t need to tell you that what you do need to know and just be aware that if you are eating a diet that has a lot of that in it your testosterone level back-forth everyday thing that is causing your testosterone levels to plummets is a lack of sleep here’s the interesting thing they actually tested and did a study on young dudes because young dudes have the highest testosterone levels when you’re 20 years old right that’s like the peak of testosterone and then as you age it starts to go down study was done on like young dudes like the average age was like 24 years old and what they found is that by reducing theamount they slept after like a week like testosterone level started to like go like crazy down it’s all about like theen docrine system and bottom line is that so freakin critical that you get incredible sleep every night or most nights because if you’re not it’s totally wreaking havoc on everything you’re not gonna feel as good you’re not gonna look as good in your testosterone level bang not to mention you’re gonna be number five all freakin stressed out which is another thing that absolutely destroys tea level dress totally kicks your ass it kicks your ass in so many ways and what they found is that when you’re like super stressed out your body releases something called like cortisol your cortisol level is up which is kinda like the stress hormone here all stressed out and freaking out right cortisol levels are all jacked up and when cortisol is up it’s actually depressing your body’s ability to actually produce testosterone cortisone sucks and I will not giving a knuckle bump to cortisol I will however give one to testosterone for being so freaking incredible gentlemen that’s it five everyday things that are definitely causing your testosterone level to be not as amazing as it should and could and you got to make sure you’re keeping an eye on it because if it starts to go down you’re not gonna feel as good you’re not gonna look as good you’re not going to be as incredible and as amazing as I know you need to be .

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