7 Psychological Tricks to be RESPECTED by Everyone!

I have a question

for you do people respect you I guess the better question is have you earned people’s respect because the truth is respect is earned it’s not something that’s automatic it’s not just given fact is earned over time if you do the seven things we’re gonna talk about today consistently people will respect you and if they respect you everything in your life starts to go like this because when you are respected people Revere you they respect your opinion they take you more seriously but it all starts with

number one you take pride in who you are your ability your capability take pride in the way that you dress the way that you present yourself when you speak to people gentlemen here’s the thing if you don’t take pride or respect yourself how can you expect other people

you have to take pride in you nobody else is gonna do it for you gentlemen it’s nobody else’s responsibility you got to believe in yourself you’ve got to love yourself you’ve got to not do self-destructive things take pride in who you are the second way to command

respect is to be fair totally normal totally okay to have disagreements to have a different opinion than other people but when you’re having a conversation or a disagreement if you are so focused on just winning and proving your point as opposed to looking at it from both sides you are not going to be respected the same way as if you are viewed as balanced and fair

the third way to command respect from others is to be a hard worker be productive and be disciplined truth is gentlemen the world is full of people that are looking for the easy way out they don’t want to work hard they don’t want to be inconvenience they don’t want to do what it takes to get the job done right to do as little as possible in order just to not get in trouble as opposed to taking the bull by the freaking horns and making happen but it’s not just about working hard it’s about being disciplined

if you’re somebody who practices discipline in his daily life you are going to be viewed as somebody who is more credible you’re going to be respected a lot more than somebody who’s just like all over the place and not doing what they need to do you’re a hard worker you’re disciplined but are you productive this is the third component to number three you got to be productive you got to be a productive boyfriend you got to be a productive student you got to be a productive family member

you got to be a productive member of society you’re a hard worker your discipline and your product you will be respected the fourth way its commanding respect is to be smart or educated on a variety of different topics in subjects about expanding your experience expanding your knowledge base because if you don’t push yourself

if you don’t try to learn new things you are going to stagnate mentally if you’re not moving forward gentlemen you’re moving backward right if you are not trying to expand your knowledge base and learn new cool skills or different things you are totally moving backward and not going to be respected the way that you should be depending there is no better way to learn super badass cool things than today

respect as if you’re kind without being a pushover you are a dick to other people people aren’t going to respect you if you are a bully to other people people aren’t gonna respect you if you are aggressive and angry and trying to get your way because you’re all like I’m tough and I’m that person and whatever you’re not that person you’re also not getting respected by anybody the only way you are going to honestly command respect from others is if you are kind if you are compassionate but you can’t be a pusher do not confuse being kind with weakness this is something that a lot of people don’t understand you are going to achieve so much more you are going to be respected in a way that is hard to believe

if you are kind to other people this doesn’t mean that you let other people treat you bad this doesn’t mean that you let other people push you around this means that you are friendly you are nice that you are kind to others six-way to command respect is to be honest even when being honest might not necessarily be the thing that the person wants to hear if you are honest if you’re trustworthy i

you are a man of your word people are going to respect that but if you say one thing and do another can’t rely on you to do what you say you’re going to do they’re going to lose respect for you

I only have to happen like once or twice for people to be like whatever deuces I don’t trust you I don’t respect you because you’re not a man of your word and last but certainly not least the seventh way to command respect is to stand up for yourself and others you’ve got to be strong enough you’ve got t

have the courage and confidence to stand up for yourself but you also need to stand up for other people you see somebody being taken advantage of pushed around treated poorly disrespected it is your job to stand up for them because the truth is other people they’re gonna see if they’re not gonna do anything because other people are too big apart but not you it’s your business and the reason is because you’re incredible and you’re awesome and quite frankly it’s the reason why I respect you so damn much.

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