After the Volcanic Tsunami, the Tonga community in the Bay Area is terrified.


On January 15, an undersea volcano off the coast of Tonga island erupted, causing a tsunami warning for many South Pacific island states.

Emergency vehicles

Controlled the stretch of the beach announcing the advisory.

Asking people to stay away from the water.


San Mateo is home to many families from Tonga.

Here is a look at the satellite from the south pacific island.

It’s 2000 miles east of Australia.

To all community members who have not received any new information from their homeland.

There are more living here in San Mateo county than in the island nation.

It’s a sure bet that tonight everyone is worried about what is happening.

In the 70s and migration of people from tonga settled in the San Mateo area.

When yesterday’s volcano erupted near the island nation turning the sky black, the families and friends were terrified.

According to the pastor of the first Tonga assembly of god in San Carlos.

They claimed they had never seen anything like that before.

Black rain coming from the sky.

Little rock’s.

You can grab them from the car and hold them.

Early this morning the eruption called the sea to rise.

Sending tsunami waves near the island.

The images showed people being driven from homes.

After a few hours, everything went blank.

We tried to get hold of the family, there is no connection, they said no one has heard anything, he has worked at the church.

His mind and heart are with his Countrywomen and men, they are watching the tv,

Everyone is trying to find out, they say there are no high grounds on the island and are thankful that the king was relocated, and they heard some smaller islands may be completely submerged, and are worried about the rest of the 100,000 that lived there, they still believe something good will come out of this.

They prayed all night last night that God will protect them.

The little island that we love so much.

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