The majority of the strip clubs in Las Vegas give free limo rides to their club. Guests can schedule their free limo ride by calling the strip club 30 to 45 minutes before their pick-up time, then they are set to go.

In addition, it is recommended that the guests tip the limo driver – since they did not have to pay for the ride. Even if they give a tip, it turns out to be a lot cheaper than riding an Uber or Lyft (especially when it comes to big parties).

Though strip clubs do not often offer transportation back, guests can always inquire, and if they agree to spend a certain amount, they may even get a free ride back to the las vegas hotel.

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Las Vegas – Secondary Seating

When guests enter a club hours after opening, they may get secondary seating. It is during this time when a club gives discounts for bottle services.

This is how it works. Once people enter a club late (such as after 1:30 am or after 2:30 pm) there will be lower table prices. At times, these may be discounted by as much as 50%.

Certainly, it all depends if the club is busy that night and if others have already left. However, on some nights, clubs may no longer have secondary seating. Guests may have to contact the club’s VIP host to avail themselves of such deals.

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Las Vegas – Girl Guys

The hosts who bring the women to tables are known as girl guys or girl wranglers. Their job is to find ladies to party with their clients. When these customers give a decent tip to these girl guys, they will see to it that these men get the best girl available.

Though all clubs usually have a wrangler, this service is only rendered to guests who make bottle service reservations.

Girl guys can also work in favor of ladies. One of the major responsibilities of girl guys is to keep a database of beautiful women.

They can offer complimentary dinners and, at times, also offer free hotel rooms to women in return for going to their clubs to party.

For instance, if these women agree to party at Jewel, Omnia, and Hakkasan, the girl guy may offer a complimentary hotel room at MGM grand las vegas.

A girl guy can take a woman to the table of some client where she can have a free drink, or maybe get a free table for her group.

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