You may know Sia as the Australian singer behind some of the biggest hits of the past few years. You may also know her as the artist who performs with her back turned to the audience and her face hidden by a wig.

In an age where fame is all about putting your best foot forward and sharing every aspect of your life on social media, she has taken a different approach. In a recent interview with Elle, she opened up about why she chose to cover her face and why she continues to do so despite her success.

“I don’t want to be famous; I just want to be free,” Sia explained. “And I know that I can’t be free until I’m not ashamed of what I look like.”

It’s this sense of freedom that has drawn so many people to Sia’s music and made her one of the most successful artists of our time.

The History Behind Sia’s Anonymous Persona

When breakthrough singer-songwriter Sia hit the music scene in 2000, her arresting vocals and soulful songwriting quickly won her critical acclaim and a loyal following.

But things were a little different behind the scenes. she had always preferred to keep her private life just that: private. So when she started to achieve mainstream success, she found herself uncomfortable with the level of attention she was getting.

To retain some semblance of anonymity, she decided to perform wearing a wig and sunglasses, so that her face would be hidden from the public. It was a decision that would continue even as she achieved even greater levels of fame.

Now, 17 years later, she is one of the most successful artists in the world—and she’s still unwilling to show her face. Why? That’s a question we explore in this article.

What Inspired Sia’s Signature Face Covering?

You might be wondering why Sia covers her face, even though she’s a famous singer. It’s a question that’s puzzled fans for years. However, the remedy is rather simple.

She started covering her face in 2009 after she was photographed without her permission. She didn’t want people to be able to identify her, and she thought a face covering would be the best way to achieve that.

Sia has said that she doesn’t like being famous and that the attention makes her uncomfortable. She’s also had issues with self-esteem in the past, which is why she prefers to keep her identity hidden.

It’s been a decade since Sia first started covering her face, and she still does it today. Despite her fame, she’s adamant about keeping her privacy protected.

How Do People Perceive Sia’s Anonymous Act?

When Sia first hit the music scene, she was known for her Anonymous persona. Back in 2014, she started to become more famous, but instead of showing her face during performances and appearances, she would hide behind a wig and large hats. “I don’t want to be famous; I want to be remembered,” she remarked in an interview with Zach Sang.

Ever since then, people have been asking why she continues to cover her face despite her fame. Some think that it’s because she’s insecure or that she’s trying to hide something. But in a world where celebrities are always in the spotlight and are constantly under scrutiny, she wants to maintain some degree of privacy. She wants people to remember her music instead of her face.

The Benefits of Anonymity for Sia

So what are the benefits of anonymity for Sia? It could be argued that it allows her to express herself freely and honestly. Without the pressure of expectations from fans and media, she can be more creative and focus on developing her art.

But, beyond that, there’s a sense of privacy that comes with anonymity. As a celebrity in a public-facing industry, this helps Sia maintain a level of control over how much information is out there about her life and what is shared with the world. It’s a way for her to take back some power over her personal life and focus on the music.

Plus, covering your face leaves room for interpretation and interpretation can be empowering. By covering her face when she performs, Sia keeps the attention on the art instead of herself as a person – allowing her audience to assign their meanings to songs without bias or influence from an artist’s pre-existing narrative.

Is Her Facial Cover-up a Disadvantage?

You might think that covering your face in interviews and public appearances would be a huge disadvantage, but Sia hasn’t let it hold her back. Her fans love her music and she’s still able to perform without anyone seeing her face. She started covering her face in an attempt to keep some sense of privacy and remains committed to that goal.

“I don’t want to be famous or known,” Sia continued. I don’t want to be criticized about the way that I look on the internet.” By keeping her face hidden, Sia can maintain some distance from the public eye while still being able to explore the depths of creativity in her music career.

What Does the Future Hold for Sia and Her Mask?

So now that you know why Sia wears a mask and has done so for many years, what lies ahead for her and her signature look? It’s hard to say.

What we do know is that she continues to keep her identity private, choosing instead to focus on her music. She has said that she sometimes forgets that people don’t know who she is without her mask, but wearing it allows her to live a life with more freedom than if she embraced the spotlight completely.

Sia has also joked about going the full-on V For Vendetta route and having an “army of Sias” wearing masks at her concerts. Whether that happens, it’s clear that she likes being able to disconnect from fame while still being seen and heard by millions of fans worldwide.

Ironically, Sia’s decision to hide her face has made her one of the most well-known singers in the world. She’s become a sort of symbol for privacy and for artists who don’t want their personal lives to overshadow their professional lives. Even though she’s in the spotlight, she still wants to be in control of what information about her is made public.

Sia has said that she’ll never perform without her face covered again, and that’s perfectly okay. She’s found a way to make her art her own, and to keep her private life just that—private.

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